MLA requests people to e-mail civic complaints, suggestions

Mylapore MLA Dr. R. Nataraj suggests that Mylaporeans who wish to post/lodge complaints on local issues of any kind may e-mail them to the ID he has created for this purpose rather than post on his FB account.
Natraj made this request when he addressed a FB post from R A Puram resident Sundararaman Chintamani on the need to paint-mark some speed-breakers on St Mary’s Road.
Sundararaman said that the dull streetlight at nighttime caused by branches of trees which block the streetlight and the unmarked speed breakers were causing minor accidents. He said he had witnessed many bikers being thrown off here.
The MLA says civic issue plaints and suggestions can be e-mailed. This was his FB reply to Sundaramanan –
Henceforth, please see if you can send an email to, so that my office can register it as a complaint/representation. Makes it easier for us than Faccebook mentions.

4 Comments on “MLA requests people to e-mail civic complaints, suggestions”

  1. Sir,
    Papanasam Sivan Salai (Off Santhome High Road) where the reputed girls school is located (Rosary Matriculation HSS) is located, this road from one end to other end is dug up for some sort of work and now it is not been re-laid, daily during school start and end timing this road is full to sand and dirt pollution , no one is able to open the eyes or breath properly due to dirt and sand. kids are forced to breath this daily which pose serious health issues for kids LKG to 12th std kids,
    I humbly request our MLA to relay this road at the earliest ,Please help SIR.

  2. Dear Residents,

    As i suppose the current system is Municipal corporation must have contracted the work of collecting the garbage from every house and dispose them in a safe and environmental friendly way. As i understand from your mail, the door to door collection seems to be happening but not the final disposal or proper recycling or upcycling of waste is not being done by the agency who is doing the work or to whom the contract is awarded. Please check if the contract terms is inclusive of final disposal of garbage from the locality. Otherwise engage or seek the help of NGOs who are into Solid waste management.

  3. All major roads in Chennai in general and Mylapore in particulars are littered with garbage collectors, blocking the traffic. Added to this insult, rag-pickers rummage the bins and collect any worth while plastic materials and throw around the rest of the garbage on the street. The corporation workers spent enormous amount of time to gather these materials resulting in absolute uselessness of garbage bins. Would the MLA regulate this practice and ensure each house/flat retain the garbage with in their premises and when the corporation garbage collectors arrive hand over the garbage? This way traffic will improve and general hygiene of the roads will be maintained.

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