Ganesha immersion processionists will take San Thome High Road on Sunday

On Sunday, San Thome High Road is going to be packed with vans and lorries carrying the images of Ganesha and headed for the immersion in the sea off Foreshore Estate.

This seashore is one of the designated immersion points in the city.

Police will be stationed all along this road and at the shore and a group of volunteers have also been recruited to help regulate the immersion.

Huge cranes will also be deployed on the shore to immerse the large images.

Traffic flow could be affected on this road though motorists will be allowed on it 24×7 through Sunday.

The processions are expected from close to noon till dusk.


One Comment on “Ganesha immersion processionists will take San Thome High Road on Sunday”

  1. I had been their in Foreshore Estate beach in the morning at 9.30 am to immerse my Pillaiyar idol. There was not much of a traffic and the idols were yet to come. There was hardly two big idols on the beach. May be the flow will start after 12 noon

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