Solid waste management; Mylporeans share best practices

MT REUSE MEET : PRIYA OF MRC NGRIt was a meeting to share practical practices of recycling and reusing soft and hard waste generated at home. This was the focus of a meeting hosted by Kapaleecharam Committee, a local community body and held at Bhavans in Mylapore on Saturday evening.

Veteran community activist from Exnora Pammal, Mangalam Balasubramaniam kicked off the session, attended by over 100 people – sharing her long experience in recycling projects in her backyard, projects which still gain international attention.

Ashok Rajendran from Chennai Trekking Club shared his experience of working in Nochi Nagar, a kuppam on the San Thome seaside – the challenges of getting people who stay in small tenements and limited civic amenities to segregate waste.

Ashok of Dr Ranga Road shared his experience of motivating families in his apartments campus – 16 of them – to recycle kitchen waste and deal with smelly waste in the backyard which would generate great manure, now shared with residents and well-wishers.

Bala and Ramkumar of Thiruveedhi Amman Street, which showcases its green and clean street told the gathering the efforts to focus now on recycling, making each house/apartment generate manure from waste dumped in small cement tanks.

Arul Priya shared her experience in her neighbourhood of MRC Nagar ( she is seen in the photo featured here) . Of how she convinced a builder to share space to recycle waste and how she advises people to carry cloth bags and steel water bottles and paper when they step out to shop.

This meeting is part of the process to encourage Mylapore’s colonies to reuse and recycle waste.

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