Foreshore Estate police double up after victim of crime raises her tale of woe

A San Thome resident claims there was a delay in registration of complaint of chain snatching by a local police station. The police later responded to her plaint after the media reported her tale of woe.
Jamuna Rani, a resident of Mullima Nagar in San Thome claimed that the Pattinampakkam (Foreshore Estate) police did not register her complaint about her gold chain being snatched on Monday morning.

She claims that she was going to her office on her two-wheeler at 6 a.m. when three men on a bike snatched her chain and sped away. She rushed to the Pattinampakkam police station to register her complaint but was informed that since the station writer was not available she couldnt lodge her complaint.
She returned home after which, she reported the same to a news channel which aired her woes. A little later, a team from the police station came to her home to register her complaint.
The Police Commissioner’s Office has instructed all stations to take plaints without looking at area of jurisdiction and the previous Commssioner had said in no plain terms that action would be taken if police refused to register plaints even if the complainant did not reside in that zone.

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