Mylapore range DCP elevated, transfered to Villupuram as DIG

Police officer V. Balakrishnan, who was till yesterday the Deputy Commissioner of the Mylapore range in the city has been given a new posting after his elevation as DIG.

He will move to Villupuram to head the district range there.

During his tenure in the Mylapore zone, Balakrishnan carried out a variety of community-based and police force-involved initiatives which came in for praise from all quarters.

From visiting seniors in Valentine’s day to reforming youths who were detained for minor cases, from encouraging youth groups in local civic action to raising nature-driven local projects, Balakrishnan went beyond his responsibility.

He as active on social media and this helped him connect with the community, more so with youths.

On the ground, he got his men and women teams go beyond the call of duty and try innovative community policing practices.

It is not hyet known who will succeed Balakrishnan at the Mylapore post.

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