Two way traffic at R. H. Road from Oct 7

From Oct 7, the traffic police has decided to change the movement of traffic at Royapettah High Road. Portions of R. H. Road and the stretch of Karpagambal Nagar and P. S. Sivaswami Salai upto Luz Church Road will now be two-way.

All light motor vehicles and two wheelers coming from R. K. Mutt Road will now be allowed to drive straight into R. H. Road. However, MTC buses and goods vehicles will not be allowed to do so. They have to turn left into Luz Church Road or right into Kutchery Road.

Vehicles coming from Kutchery Road will not be allowed to turn right into R. H. Road and vehicles on R. H. Road moving towards Royapettah bridge will not be allowed to turn left on P. S. Sivaswami Salai.

Light motor vehicles and two-wheelers moving from Oliver Road into P. S. Sivaswami Salai will be allowed to take a right turn towards Luz Church Road through Karpagambal Nagar. They can also take the left towards Luz junction and the right towards Alwarpet.

Vehicles at the Luz junction can go straight to Kutchery Road, can turn left into R. H. Road or turn right into R. K. Mutt Road.