Tribute: V. S. Mani

V. S. Mani, aged 92 years passed away on January 21. He was a resident of 3A, Warren Road.

He was born in Mylapore, and was educated in Alwaye, Kerala, but Chennai, and in particular, Mylapore was really his home.

He was a graduate of Benares Hindu University with a double degree in mechanical and electrical engineering. Most of his career was with Indian Aluminum Company.

Mani was a multi linguist, and was fluent in Malayalam, Tamil, English Hindi and Sanskrit. He learnt Sanskrit at 50, so he could read the Upanishads.

He loved Carnatic music and frequently attended four or five concerts a day during the music season. When he lived in Boston after his retirement, he continued to attend Carnatic music concerts, developing a circle of friends among Boston’s Carnatic music aficionados.

He is survived by his wife Hemavathi, two children, three grandchildren and a great grandson.