R. A. Puram community gets Rain Centre to sink water harvesting wells

A community association in R. A. Puram has decided to sink rainwater harvesting wells on two roads in the area in order to tap stagnating water when it rains.

RAPRA, which is an active body of local residents has undertaken this civic task and entrusted it to Rain Centre, Mandavelipakkam.

The work plan was processed by MLA R. Nataraj and once the local Corporation engineer okayed plans, workers got down to business on a street near Billroth Hospitals. Since various cables run in the area where the wells were to be sunk, the workers have decided to explore the pavement zone.

A well will be sunk on Thursday in another local street.

The area off Surya Sweets was badly flooded during the 2015 floods as water flowed down from the south side. Even during a normal monsoon, the streets here tend to flood.

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