Are seniors facing problems at gates of Nageswara Rao Park?

Must something be done about when the main gates at both ends of  Nageswara Rao Park must be opened and closed?

Some seniors say the operation must change – because they report that the gates at the north and south end are kept closed and the newly constructed wicket gate alone  is open.

Regular walker at the park, Preetha Rengaswamy says that the ramp at this wicket gate is raised and has no railings to hold on, due to which senior citizens  find it difficult to walk on the slope alone and with hesitation ask for help.

“Entering into the small gap of the wicket gate with a walker or walking stick  isn’t easy  and I know of many senior citizens who were regular walkers  who have now stopped visiting the park, just because of its tough approach, ” she says voicing the opinion of many others. “We request the park manager that the main gates be open from 6am  – 10 am and 4pm – 7pm.”

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