Panguni fest: Watch towers to be set up to enhance security

The officials at Sri Kapali Temple, Mylapore have had several meetings with the civic authorities to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

The executive officer of the temple, D. Kaveri says, “We had a meeting on March 3 with police, Metro Water, TANGEDCO and Corporation authorities. We have decided to set up 15 watch towers and CCTV cameras prior to the Arubathimoovar procession. The police have told us where we need to set these up and we will do so shortly”.

She continues, “We have made arrangements to provide drinking water for the devotees who visit the temple during this festival. The fire department have been informed, a fire engine will be stationed near the temple”.

“The vahanams that will carry the deities are being cleaned, repaired and greased. Veda parayanam arrangements have being made too. We have completed talks with artistes who will play instruments at the festival”.

On the day of the thirukalyanam, two large screens will be set up inside and outside the temple to enable the devotees to view the festivities, says Kaveri.

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