About 20 womens hostels in Mylapore zone not registered with government

Close to 20 women’s hostels in the Mylapore neighbourhood have not registered themselves with the Chennai Collectorate as per rules and officials plan to inspect these premises and seek information.

The government is on a drive to get all hostels registered to ensure that they possess proper facilities and follow local regulations. This follows cases in the past when the privacy of hostelers was breached, the quality of accommodation and food was below standards and excesses committed by the owners/managers of these hostels.

There are said to be over 200 hostels in the city which are yet to register. Some 20 of them are located in the Mylapore neighbourhood.

Officials say that though they do not intend to ask the owners of the unregistered hostels to shut down, notices will be issued to them.

The Collector’s office has said that those seeking admission to hostels may want to check out the registered ones listed on the Collectorate’s website.