Middle school in R. A. Puram prepares to celebrate 125 years

St. Lazarus Middle School, located off Madha Church Road in R. A. Puram is preparing to celebrate 125 years of its existence.

The school, a co-educational one which serves the lower income community of the area and on the city’s fringes is being repaired and is getting a new wash in time for the milestone’s celebration.

The celebrations may be held in August/September.

This school, which has close to 300 children on its rolls was developed from the school that was handed over to the nuns of the congregation of the Franciscan Sisters of Our Lady of Bon Secours after a group moved to Mylapore in the late 19th century.

The congregation grew out of seven nuns who entered the religious order – these young women used to be serving and residing in homes started and developed by missionary priests in French-ruled Pondicherry. That was in 1858.

In 1894, the then bishop of Mylapore invited the nuns to manage a Mylapore school. The nuns took charge soon thereafter, thus launching their first work in the city.

Today, this campus has a convent, a orphanage and the school. Located opposite it is another school the nuns started around the same time – St Anthony’s Girls School.

Photo: File photo of a past Annual Day event at the school