School teacher protests on pavement alleging she was forced to quit on moral issues

A Thamizh language teacher at one of the M Ct M Muthiah Chidambaram Chettyar Group’s schools in Alwarpet staged a protest on the pavement outside the school this morning. She also had two kids alongside her on Luz Church Road.

She alleged that the school asked her to quit after they received calls charging she was immoral. This was on Monday.

She says she teaches at the International School on this campus, that she was called by the management despite it being a holiday and asked to quit.

After local police persuaded her to give up her protest, she lodged a plaint at the Mylapore Police Station. The police confirmed a plaint was given and that they will call the teacher and a school representative to probe the matter – on Wednesday.

There was no official word from the school. But a school staff said ‘no comment’ when we reached her in the evening.

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