Friday rains: some areas flooded, affect residents

Friday’s rains may have brought joy to all those who wanted their ground recharged and water levels rise but in some areas, residents underwent the frustration of flooding.
One such case was seen on Balakrishnan Street, Mylapore.
Resident Anusha S. M. says the rain for over  3o minutes led to stagnation of water and as it rose it began to enter into a few homes on this street. Her residence was affected, Anusha says and e-mailed a photo of the condition on Friday evening.
She fears the worse if civic system is not set right by monsoon time. Anusha says she is not sure what civic issue must be set right to drain the water. Clearly, there is a need to tap this water and residents hope Metro Water and Chennai Corporation units of that area will address the issue.
– Photo by Anusha

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