Chennai Corpn. local help nos.

Chennai Corporation has begun to act locally and address local SOS calls. Its local, zonal teams are in place, its key contacts made public and teams ready to act in emergencies.

A large part of Mylapore area falls under Zone 9 ( Teynampet) of GCC zoning.
Here are contacts
– Regional DC / Sridhar, IAS – 94451 90150
– Zone Officer / J. Ravikumar – 94451 90009

Areas around MRC Nagar and south end of R A Puram, fall under Adyar zone.

The contacts are –

Regional DC – Alby John – 9445190100
Zonal office – Thirumurugan – 94451 90013

The teams are set to help locally.
To move sick to hospitals, to help elderly, to support helpless and emergencies.