Chanting religious hymns is keeping this community positive during lockdown

The residents of Dwaraka Apartments in Raja Street, Mandaveli are chanting religious hymns to keep themselves positive and motivated in the times of crisis.

Says Ganga Sridhar, a resident of Dwaraka Apartment, “The residents in all the six flats of our apartment including seniors and kids simultaneously chant Vishnu Sahasranamam every day to keep ourselves motivated and positive through these trying days. It’s also a prayer from our side to end the crisis.”

So every evening at 6.30 p.m., the residents get ready and start chanting from their respective apartments. “We chant loudly and keep the doors open to hear each other. We also increase the chant count every day.”

“We are also a part of an online chanting group and plan to recite Lalitha Sahasranamam and other religious hymns in the coming days,” she says.

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