Group of youngsters from local apartment complex help the needy

Harish, a resident of Anand Apartments at Ranga Road, Mylapore and his friends are a part of a group known as Ignite Group. This group recently approached the members of the association at the apartment complex for donations as well as help in distributing provisions to the needy at this time of crisis.

The residents pitched in and soon 200 kgs of rice, 70kgs of pulses, more than 250 kgs of vegetables and 30 litres of oil were distributed to Amma Unavagams in R. A. Puram, Mylapore and Mandaveli.

In addition to that, the group provides cooked food to 50 Mylapore police personnel everyday and have distributed food packets to the needy near the Sri Kapali Temple tank and Sai Baba Temple.

On Saturday, 300 slum dwellers in the Mylapore area received provisions.

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