TANGEDCO official says winds and heavy rains caused power outage at Alwarpet yesterday

A power outage that lasted for several hours was reported at Alwarpet yesterday.

The TANGEDCO official incharge of the Alwarpet area says it was due to the wind and rains and that it was restored as soon as the rain stopped.

He says, “A branch fell on the structure of a transformer at Lady Desika Road, Alwarpet. Usually when a branch falls, the fault trips. We wait for about 5 minutes and then try to restore power. Sometimes, the branch would have fallen off by them and when we try to power it on again, the problem is solved. Yesterday, when we tried to do that, the power could not be restored. So we had to wait for the rains to subside to send our engineer to remove the branch and fix the problem”.

He continues, “I handle issues in the Mylapore East, Mylapore West, Luz and Alwarpet areas. No other complaints were received from these areas”.

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