Bank staff work under pressure, fear. And have a request to senior clients: do not drop in for things that can wait

Bankers have a request to many of their senior clients – please discourage yourself from dropping into the branch every now and then for simple things that can wait and save yourself the dangers of being exposed to the virus.

This is a thought two bank staffers who work at prominent Mylapore bank branches shared with Mylapore Times this week as we discussed their work-life in these times.

Staff work every other day ( 10 am to 4 pm), with 50% strength in branches though managers come by almost daily. Though all banks have provided accessories to steel staff from the dangers of the illness, staff say they do fear contracting the illness.

But what bugs them is of seniors  dropping in for simple things that can wait – to update passbooks, to get change for 2000 rupee notes, to seek TDS certificates, to renew deposits.

“I think they drop by because they want a change in scene but their presence adds to our pressure and because many are seniors and some VIPs we cannot be firm too,” said one staffer who resides in Mylapore and works in a prominent bank in the Luz Church Road zone.

Their biggest exposure to illness is when gold is appraised when loans are sought. “The staff, the appraiser and the client must sit close to finalise this,” said a woman staffer.


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