CIT Colony’s popular streetside tailor passes away: he walked many miles to be at his post in lockdown times

Mylapore’s famed street-side tailor who offered his skills in CIT Colony has passed away. Residents here say he had a heart attack on May 24.

The day after his death, those who came to his space on the pavement to collect some clothes they had given him to work on, saw a lit lamp on a stool placed where Ponnuswamy, the tailor worked for a few decades.

Said Cindura R., ” I had gone today to collect clothes I had given him but was shocked to find only a stool with a lamp and flowers and got to know of his death.”

A few others of the area also pinged Mylapore Times of this development.

Some weeks ago, this newspaper had written a story on Poonuswamy, on his long walk from his home in Virugambakkam to the tailoring spot in the colony, apposite M P Anandh School. He did this during the lockdown period, keen to bet at his post, earn his bread and serve his clients.

You can contact the family at 9840034188

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First photo courtesy; Cindura R.

Below is the story in MT posted some weeks ago.

Tailor Ponnuswamy walks from Virugambakkam to CIT Colony daily: to run his streetside tailoring unit


5 Comments on “CIT Colony’s popular streetside tailor passes away: he walked many miles to be at his post in lockdown times”

  1. You can call me “Mani tailor”..This was what he told me when I asked him about his name.I do not miss to see Mani during my evening walks since 2004 when we came to CIT Colony.
    I remember an event which happened some years before when Mani wrapped a scantily clad lunatic wandering on the streets with his white dhoti to save the embarrassment of his exposure for the passersby.
    We used to exchange our smiles every evening ,even when I may not have any stitching job that time.
    Mani would remain in our hearts for many years. Our heartfelt condolences to his family.

  2. Ponnusamy belonged to the rare breed of honest people wedded to hard work and keeping his commitments to his clients even if that meant walking several kms from his home to his ‘famous’ familiar spot in the CIT Colony. It is sad he is no more. And it is sad that his ‘rare breed’ is getting rarer. May his Soul rest in peace.

  3. MY EMAIL ID;:

    What a hard worker!
    People never miss him as the y walk in and out of CIT
    Colony near the school
    He would be always busybending over his seams
    Working never looking up except to get his orders
    His charges were very minimal and did a good job of whatever material you give him
    His service was very useful to everyone in cit colony and passer bys
    Last week on my way to the hospital I glanced at theplace where he used to sit and I uttered’pavam this tailor has no work bec of Lockdown
    Never expected to hear this news today
    My son and daughter would often go to him for small and
    quick mendings .He would take his time but was good .
    He voice was always loud and had definite replies for whatever you ask.
    Used to wonder about his family and only now I came to know that he used to walk all the way from Virugambakkam for all that cheerfulness with which he did his work ,. Used to also wonder how he manages money in these days of inflation.
    Sorry May his soul rest in peace

  4. I know Ponnusamy tailor from 1989-90 when I was working in MCtMSchool So he used to call me ‘Teacher Madam’ Very sincere and perfection in his work
    I still have the numerous bed and pillow covers he had stitched for me Not a stitch has given away

    He used to stitch blouses for my MIL Always called Amma He came with a garland to pay homage to her in Dec 2010 ( she was 96yrs)
    He asked me to teach him to cut 6 pieces umbrella cut in skirt and was extremely happy when I approved of his first stitched in skirt
    An honest person and did what little charity he could to the needy who passed by him regularly
    He always shared his coffee ( coffee man used to come at 3 pm ) with his friends who sat round him and he had his Own comments On politics too
    Never missed to cast his vote – that day holiday for the shop
    Wished his customers with a smile and made one feel he is a part of your family
    I heartfelt condolences to his family It is indeed a great loss for the society he catered to
    May his soul rest in peace
    Judy Nagarajan

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