Ramakrishna Math clinic offers some relief to peope with dental probelms but no treatment

Dental consultation is provided at the dispensary run by Sri Ramakrishna Math on R K Mutt Road, Mylapore. Limited tokens are given 8 am onwards to people who are here for basic consultation.

Says a dentist who works here, “We do not treat people. That is not possible now. But we prescribe medications.”

He says dentists will await a word from the Dental Council to start treatment. If there are emergency cases in dental issues they are treated at the Math beyond closing hours.

One dentist who serves here is Azweer Hussain.

He also has his clinic in Mylapore and is open for consultation only after an appointment. ( 10.30 am – 1 pm) Call 8870778001 / 9551575151.

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