Parcel delivery from post office continues to get delayed due to lockdown

Due to lockdown, delivery of parcels from Mylapore post office continues to get delayed. This problem started soon after post offices reopened in late April, and it continues to happen now.

Says a staff attached to Mylapore Head Post Office, Kutchery Road, “Due to lockdown, parcel delivery outside Chennai is getting delayed. This is because there are limited train, bus and flight services to ferry them to the destination location.”

Compared to the normal times, now parcels are delayed by two or three days, according to the availability of trains. However, medicines and essential stuff are sent at the earliest, he says.

Even deliveries within the city, he says are delayed as limited postmen work now. “In place of 40 postmen, only 10 or 11 are coming for work. Others are unable to come as they reside at far off places. So parcel delivery is taking more time.”

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