Sunday morning; shutdown is ‘total’

If ones goes by what we saw on our morning rounds on Sunday, this is a total shutdown. A shutdown regulated by the state as part of the ‘intense’ shutdown to tackle the spread of the virus.

Be it on the main roads like Kamaraj Salai ( Marina beach road) or Dr Radhakrishnan Salai and TTK Road and R K Mutt Road, save for the odd cyclist or bike, there were but a few people on these roads.

And the busy market spaces too were shut down – C P Koil Street, North and South Mada Street around the temple and Bazaar Road that was teeming with 100 plus people yesterday, save for the odd dog or local residents cleaning their doorstep, the streets were silent and empty.

Police were manning key road junctions with barricades pulled across the roads to slow down the odd motorist who had to explain his presence on the road.

Pharmacies were seen open.

One Comment on “Sunday morning; shutdown is ‘total’”

  1. Good to see that complete lockdown has been effective and people stayed indoors. Hope this prevails during the remaining days too.

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