People are not transparent in reporting symptoms. Some use excuses to skip tests. Say civic staff.

To contain the virus spread, Chennai Corporation has intensified fever camps in the neighbourhood. But some local health workers say that many people are not transparent in revealing fully the health issues so that doctors can address the issue better.

Health workers have been sending people for virus testing if they start developing mild virus symptoms (fever, cough/cold, breathlessness)

Says a civic staff attached to a Mylapore area ward, “When people have a fever, we ask them if they have had mild cough or cold so we can send them for testing at an early stage. But even if they have had cough and cold, to evade virus testing, many either hide the problems or give lame reasons.”

Also, workers find that when people are referred for a virus test, most people tend to try and bypass the test.

And this is the case with people in slums as well as middle and upper mid-class areas of Mylapore.

“They come up with different reasons. We are having to counsel them multiple times to send them to sample collection centres. They do not understand that we are advising the test for their own good,” a worker who wished to remain anonymous told Mylapore Times today.

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One Comment on “People are not transparent in reporting symptoms. Some use excuses to skip tests. Say civic staff.”

  1. Just today a health worker came to check the temperature.
    She rang the bell. And stood with a frozen look without even introducing herself. She pointed the temperature checker device at me, even as I stood afar as she was not having her mask.
    I was taken aback for awhile and then looking at her coat understood she is a health worker. I asked her to first wear the mask and turned to go and wear mine. She stopped me saying “come near…”and pointed the temperature checking device above my head and shouted “96….ah!” and turned and went away!

    I think the health workers are not trained in social skills. They come like robots and do only what they are asked to do and leave even without saying anything!!

    By the way my neighbours , where a person is obviously sick and coughing had not cooperated!!

    Am keeping my doors shut and sitting inside. Thanks to the cool weather!!

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