Some shops observe virus-curb rules, some just do not. A shopper wants GCC to record plaints.

How well are stores in the area observing regulations suggested this season?

Going by some accounts shared by Mylaporeans, not all are following the rules strictly. And here is one account by Suresh of Mylapore who shopped at two places. It was a contrasting experience.

This is Suresh’s story –

We visited two shops on July 11, Saturday. I noticed contrasting safety observations from the staff there.

The staff at Surya Greens, R A Puram followed all safety norms including the use of temperature scanner on shoppers and this was good.

But the staff at Aavin Junction store, C. P. Ramaswamy Road had flouted all safety norms. The shop was crowded, and none of the staff were wearing their masks properly; their masks were either on their neck instead of covering their mouth and nose or slipped down.

We noticed that some staff were engaged in an intense argument rather than address the customers quickly.

We request Corporation of Chennai to encourage citizens to report such violations by shops – by providing telephone numbers to complain such unsafe behaviour.

The officials can then conduct surprise checks to ensure safety norms are followed. Warnings can be given for first time violation, repeated safety violations should be severely dealt with. If citizen awareness is not improved, or safety enforced, we will be in eternal cycles of lockdown followed by unlock phases.

  • Photo used here of masks on sale is for symbolic representation only.


One Comment on “Some shops observe virus-curb rules, some just do not. A shopper wants GCC to record plaints.”

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for this article.
    Well just read the heading… its tells it all.

    My neighbors don’t wear masks, spit and keep sneezing and coughing. A lot of people now live together ever since the intense lock-down from June 19-30. But no way to complain…

    Next many on streets spitting and wearing masks in ultra normal manner…. it simply does not cover nose and mouth.

    Idly batter shops don’t show hygienic handling of food….. put their hands in the cover, blow into it and pour the batter into it!! I bough the batter and just poured into into closet !

    Street bajji and sweet stalls are highly unclean and don’t ensure social distancing!!

    Gani Dresses ,Luz has plastered manikins with masks but none of staff wear masks.

    Its sick to be out!!

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