GCC fever surveyors checking oxygen levels of residents: focus is on seniors’ condition

Chennai Corporation’s fever surveyors have begun checking oxygen levels of residents, besides their temperatures, since the past few days.

In the initial phase, civic workers say oxygen levels of only seniors are being checked, using pulse oximeters.

Says a local animator, who monitors fever surveyors, “Our focus is on seniors especially those with co-morbid conditions like diabetes and hypertension. ”

“As they are more vulnerable to Covid infection, we are checking oxygen levels of only seniors, in the initial phase. If their oxygen saturation is 92 % or below (low oxygen level), we refer them for testing.”

“In future, we may extend it to all residents if instructed by our higher officials,” she adds

To prevent virus spread, she says surface of oximeters, where people place their fingers are well sanitised before and after use.

A fever surveyor, who does door to door survey at Srinivasapuram says that the elderly are finding this service very useful.

Says the fever surveyor, “Earlier, most seniors had to frequently visit local clinics to check their blood pressure (BP). Now, as the oximeter reading also shows the BP, they are finding this service very useful.”

  • Picture: file photo shot in late March 2020

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