A bhajan a day. To help autistic children sleep at night.

Lakshmi Mohan, a music therapist, has been helping autistic children for more than two decades. About six years ago, she started Sowmanasya Trust in R. A. Puram.

During the lockdown, she sent out bhajans to more than 200 students who needed to listen to music to sleep at night.

She says, “People who have autism are very particular about routine. When that changes it becomes very difficult for the parent to handle them. They get angry and music in such cases calms them down”.

With no information about when the schools will reopen, parents, she says, don’t know how to make their children understand what the lockdown is about. They are also running out of ideas on how to keep their children engaged.

“Many children stand for hours on balconies with their hands stretched out indicating that they would like to go out. All the parents can do is divert their attention. Children have to be encouraged to do small chores like folding clothes, cutting vegetables and can also do art and engage in water play”.

Lakshmi sends a bhajan everyday to all the 40 students of her trust. She also talks to the parents regularly to keep them motivated. For details contact her at 9962129333.