Despite being short staffed and running on low business, Ratna Cafe in Mylapore contines its service of feeding cattle

Despite being short-staffed and running on low business, Ratna Cafe at South Mada Street, Mylapore continues to feed chappatis to the cattle roaming at this street.

The hotel has been carrying out this service since it’s inception.

Said P. Periyanayagam, the manager of the restaurant, “As our owner Rajendra Gupta loves cows, we have been feeding cattle, since our restaurant inception.”

“Now, though we are short on staff and business is dull, we continue to do it.”

He says that every day, they feed the cows at around 7 pm. “However, we are keeping aside only 3 kilos of atta for preparing chappatis for cows now.”

It used to be 5 kilos during pre-pandemic times, he says.

“We have reduced the quantity as we do not have adequate staff to prepare chappatis. Most of them went to their native places after March lockdown. They haven’t been able to return due to lockdown restrictions.”

  • Picture : file photo taken in January 2019

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