Firemen from Mylapore Fire station employ Tamizh folk songs to spread ‘corona’ awareness

On Thursday, Oct. 22, firemen from Mylapore Fire station held a unique ‘corona’ awareness campaign in the neighbourhood.

They got their music band team to sing Tamizh folk songs to spread awareness on the virus.

Mylapore Fire Inspector, D. Ramdoss led the event, that was held off the bus stop at R.K. Mutt Road opposite to Sri Kapaleeshwarar temple tank.

Said the Fire Inspector, Ramdoss, “Most people still do not seem to understand the intensity of the virus. As a result, they are not wearing masks or following social distancing.”

“Hence, on the instruction of the government, we have been conducting awareness campaigns at key locations in the neighbourhood where public gather at large numbers.”

He says their band team sang folk songs in Tamizh to spread awareness on the virus. “Our music band team from South zone have composed few folk songs in Tamizh for corona awareness, which they sang today.”

The songs, he says, illustrate the importance of mask-wearing, and social distancing, in a manner that is appealing to people. “It also stresses the need to stay indoors, unless it’s absolutely necessary to step out.”

The firemen also used swimming rings to educate people on how social distancing can protect one from the virus.

The Inspector says they also displayed short films on coronavirus on a digital screen attached to the fire van and distributed awareness notices to public.

The team plans to continue holding such campaigns, in the coming days.

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