Is your area monsoon-ready? Rainwater stagnation is common complaint

Is your area monsoon-ready?

If it is still not then you may have to face a few serious problems if the rains come down steadily for over a fortnight this monsoon season due to break out in late October.

Mylapore has received copious rains now and then the past 3 / 4 weeks. And there have been reports of water stagnating in some streets in the heart of Mylapore where the drainage system is poor or weak. The photo featured here was shot in the heart of Mylapore, just off Sri Adikesavaperumal Temple zone recently.

Civic workers have been seen clearing the muck and debris in storm water drains in many areas; this is to make sure the rainwater flows down the drains if the rain is heavy. But not all drains have been cleared yet.

TANGEDCO has in almost all cases raised the height of its junction boxes so the stagnating water does not affect these installations and to precent power leaks. If there is a lacunae, you may want to ping the local TANGEDCO office now.

In some areas, workers have excavated sides of a street / road to work on some local drains or faults and these have been left half-done, with loose earth lying around posing a danger to motorists and pedestrians. If you come across such dangers, you can complain on the GCC web site.


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