Fire-cracker vendors set up stalls in the neighbourhood

With Deepavali just around the corner, fire-cracker vendors have begun setting up stalls in the neighbourhood.

At a fire-cracker stall called ‘Madras Crackers shop’ near Kamadhenu Marriage Hall in Luz, a range of crackers of the Standard and Indian National Fireworks brand are decked up.

Says Johnson, owner of the shop, who has been selling crackers in Mylapore for the past five years, “This year, although sales is uncertain due to the pandemic situation, we have not limited the crackers, that we bring from Sivakasi.”

Most of our crackers are green crackers, that burn with reduced emission levels. A green label is also attached to them to indicate this, he says.

The store has stocked over 140 varieties of crackers. Sparklers, flower pots, atom bombs, and rockets are some of them. Besides, different kinds of roll cap guns and ring cap guns are available for sale here. A box of sparklers is priced in the range of Rs. 40 to 90 at this shop.

The owner says that necessary precautions are followed to the prevent virus spread here.

Similar cracker stalls have been set up at R.K.Mutt Road, North Mada Street and R.A.Puram.

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