Ground water seems to have risen well in this R. A. Puram colony

Residents of Thiruvengadam Street in R. A. Puram had a rough time recently when the rains were steady – the street flooded and got polluted and it took time to clean up the mess.
But there is a sunny side to life here.
The ground water level in this area seems to have risen and appreciably.
K. Ramachandran who resides near the ICICI Bank ATM here who had sunk rainwater wells in late 2019 says the water level is up to two feet below ground level.
Says this resident, “Now it is almost 4 feet below ground level and we are delighted about this. Also the quality of bore and well water have greatly improved after the rains.”
Rain water expert Sekar Raghavan is keen to record the water levels all over and if you have a well you may want to share data with Sekar at – – or through WhatsApp to 88381 21040 (Venkat).

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