Colleges resume classes for PG students but attendance is thin

After being closed for several months since March for the pandemic time lockdown, colleges in the neighbourhood reopened on Dec. 2., following the state’s guidelines.

They have now begun holding classes for final year postgraduate students. But the attendance is thin.

At Queen Mary’s College at Dr Radhakrishnan Salai, Mylapore, students and teachers are required to compulsorily use hand sanitizer and masks before entering the classrooms. ( photo featured here was shot at QMC)

Says Uma Maheshwari, principal of the college, “We are conducting the classes following all the standard operating procedures (SOPs) prescribed by the government. Usage of masks and hand sanitisers have been made compulsory for all.”

To make sure social distancing is maintained, students are seated apart from each other.

At present, she says that classes have started only for final year postgraduate students, as per government instruction. “As almost 70% of our students are from the local area, they are back for the classes. The remaining 30% have to travel from their hometowns. They will also join the classes soon.”

She says that their only challenge now is to ensure students don’t crowd inside the campus. “To regulate social distancing, we have made physical markings for them to stand apart. We have also appointed staff to discourage students from crowding in the college campus.”

Vivekananda College in Mylapore too has started classes for its postgrad courses’ students.

However, attendance is small now.

Staff at the college say that less than 10 students are attending classes now. They say that classes for all the other courses are likely to begin from Monday, Dec. 7, if the government formally gives permission for it.

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