MAXBUBA Health Insurance offers flexible, comfortable, budjet friendly. For all your and family health Insurance even covid19. Call for Details: 9384093850.
(Ad – Jan.14)
WANTED retired English Professor for content writing in websites. Contact : 9150021293.
(Ad / Jan.17)
WANTED security guard, English and Tamil written and speaking skills for Mandaveli office cum residence. Contact : 9150021293.
(Ad / Jan 17)
REQUIRED experience 5 years electrical and plumber on salary for maintenance. Contact : 9150021293.
(Ad / Jan.17)
WANTED Candidates with basic computer knowledge and past experience in equity share trading is must. Ph: 24320788, 9176067640.
(Ad /Jan.11)

WANTED Store incharge cum delivery boy for surgical store in Mylapore, two wheeler must. Timing 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Ph: 9841035331.
(Ad /Jan.11)


REQUIRED  Part time job 23yrs exp. in Accounts, Audit, GST. Contact: VIJAY 9790741271.
(Ad / Jan.14)


R. A. PURAM, L& T Ragamalika apartment, 3 BR, 1400 sft, all amenities. R. A. Puram, 1 ground, 3500 sft bungalow, opp. Sangeetha Hotel. Abhiramapuram land, 3000 sft house. Ph: 9884587579, 9566175961.
(Ad /Jan.15)
MYLAPORE, Mandaveli, R. A. Puram, near all schools and Temples, decent road 2 BHK, 3 BHK, car parking, 5 to 10 years. Rs. 1.20 Cr. Rs. 2 Crores. Serious buyer only please. New O’zone Consultoria: 9962272936.
( Ad / Jan.15)

ADYAR, Gandhi Nagar, very prime location 5 grounds corner Property. Rs. 6 Crores per ground, slightly negotiable, suitable for commercial or residence. Contact 9710405385, 8610661158.
(Ad / Jan12)

HOUSE Sale for serious buyers attention. R. A. Puram hi end posh, 3 BHK, CCP, Independent House, 3 years old. Rs. 3.76 Cr. Contact Consultant: 9962272936.
(Ad /Jan.11)


MYLAPORE, Kutchery Road, 650 sft, 1 BHK, 2nd floor, no lift, only vegeterian. Contact :  9884878240, 24958240.
(Ad / Jan 17)
MANDAVELI, 800 sft, 2 BHK apart, 3rd floor, no lift, semi furnished, 2 wheeler park. Rent Rs. 21000/-. Ph : 9840299423.
(Ad / Jan.17)
MYLAPORE, near Vidhya Mandir, Vasanth apartment, 2 BHK, 595 sft, two wheeler parking, vegetarian only, brokers excuse, Rs. 17000/-. Contact : 9790738276.
(Ad / Jan.17)

ALWARPET, K B Dasan Road, 1300 sft, 2 BHK, CP, 2nd floor, lift, Available 1 Feb. Rent Rs. 32K, no brokers. Contact: 9884025010.
(Ad / Jan.15)

MANDAVELI, Thiruvalluvar Pettai Street near Ranga Hospital second floor, Independent house with no lift, three bedroom, 1100 sft, newly painted, two wheeler parking, balcony, open terrace, vegetarians only, two bathrooms,
not attached to bedrooms. Rent Rs.17,000/-. Call 9790829214.
(Ad / Jan.15)
R. A. PURAM, 2 BR flat, 1100 sft, carpark, Rs. 26000. 2 BR flat, 950 sft, play area, Rs. 20000. Alwarpet, Abhiramapuram, 3 BR flat, 1700 sft, semi furnished, genset, CCP. Ph: 9566175961 / 9884587579.
(Ad / Jan.15)
MYLAPORE, 550 sft, 1 BHK, ground floor. Rent Rs. 14000/-, advance Rs. 60000/-, vegetarians only, A3, Srinivas Apartment, 95/39, Adam Street, Mylapore. Ph: 9790707164.
(Ad / Jan.15)
SAN THOME near Registration Office, flat 3rd floor, 3BHK,1350 sft, lift, CCP, RS. 38K. Contact: 9884137904.
(Ad / Jan.15)
KAPALEESHWARAR Kovil area, flat 900 sft, 2nd floor, lift, CCP, Rs. 26K.  Alwarpet, Aarthi scan near, Ground floor 900 sft, 2BHK, Rs. 24K, veg only. Contact: 9884137904.
(Ad / Jan.15)
2BHK, semi furnished, CCP, 24 hrs water, quiet locality at Karpagam Avenue, near Chettinad School. Rs. 30K rent. Call 9962004459.
(Ad / Jan.15)
2BHK, semi furnished apt  available for rent @ Appu Street, Mylapore. Contact no: 9445007521 / 9176975520
(Ad / Jan.15)

RENT for house in Mylapore 1 BHK, ground floor. Contact 9789063090.
(Ad / Jan.14)

LLOYDS Road, Royapettah, 2 BHK, Ind. house rent. FF, Rs. 25000/-, advance Rs. 1.5 Lakhs, veg only, CCP. Contact: 9444906303.
(Ad / Jan.14)
TEYNAMPET, Poes Road, near Raj TV, two bedroom, Rs. 20000/-, second floor, no car parking, brokers excuse. Contact 9444357766.
(Ad / Jan.14)
CENTRALLY located, 1 BHK, induvidual house, ground floor for rent near Music Academy, Royapettah. Contact: 9884621450.
(Ad / Jan.14)
ABHIRAMAPURAM, brand new 2 bedroom, 1000 sft, CCP, Rs. 28K. R. A. Puram, 3 bedroom, 1550 sft, Rs. 40K, Luz Avenue, new 3 bedroom flat, 1550 sft, CCP, Rs. 45K,
Mandaveli, 3 bedroom flat with 2 CCP, Rs. 35K. Contact
Srivathsaa 9710405385, 8610661159.
(Ad / Jan.14)
INDEPENDENT house 1st floor, 500 sft, 2nd floor, 250 sft, total 4 small rooms + kitchen + hall, total 750 sft, 2 waters near M. K. Amman Koil, veg only. Rent Rs. 15000/-pm. Contact : 9444038297, 9789410005.
(Ad / Jan.14)

MYLAPORE, Palathoppu second floor, 500 sft, 1 BHK, completely new furbished painted, TV, wardrobe, furniture, two wheeler parking. Rent Rs. 13000/-. Contact Subramanian 9841275001 / 9381810515
(Ad /Jan.11)

C. P. RAMASWAMY ROAD, Alwarpet, above Spencer’s daily, 2 BHK, 1050 sft, semi furnished, lift with OCP, for immediate occupation. Rent Rs. 32000/- negotiable. Ph: 9841099919 brokers excuse.
(Ad /Jan.11)

MYLAPORE near Vidhya Mandhir Brand New 3 bedroom Flat with 3 bathrooms 1600 Sft / 3 AC / Pooja / Balcony / Utility Area / Genset / CCTV / CCP / Rs. 50K. Slightly negotiable. Contact 9710405385, 8610661158.
(Ad /Jan.11)


SHOP No.9, measuring 150 sft in Sindur Towers, next to Hyundai showroom – for rent, old no. 95/9, Luz Church Road, Mylapore, Chennai 4, prime locality. Rent Rs. 12000/-, negotiable. Contact : 9840340377, brokers kindly excuse.
(Ad / Jan 17)


MANDAVELI, near Railway Station, bus stand, 2BHK, ground floor, lift, wood work north facing, as per vaastu, Rent Rs. 29K. Ph : 9710019973.
(Ad /jan.17)

PRITHIVI Avenue, 1st floor, 1100 sft, 2 BHK, lift, CCP, only veg, Rs. 30K. Abhiramapuram, 3rd Street, ground floor, 900 sft, 2 BHK, only veg, Rs. 22K. Ph: 9840224752.
(Ad – Jan.12)


SIX Month old, Bajaj Room Air Cooler, good condition. Call: 9444960643.
(Ad / Jan.12)


  1. I am vegan, much superior vegetarian.

    But I simply do not see any connection between someone’s diet and occupation of a house.

    So , if a person has dubious intents and claims to be vegetarian , will they let the house.?

    Of if others who claim to be straightforward, considerate and just, but not vegetarians , will they refuse??

    The point here is just to see if the prospective tenant has good credentials is honest and has the capability to pay the rent.

    Rest of the things are just unreasonable !!

    I say, MT is just giving too much place to breed differences and discrimination of absolutely unacceptable nature!

    Editorji can delete this if am wrong!!

    1. Hi Helen,

      I understand your predicament. But being a vegetarian myself my opinion is that its completely is in the interest of owner whom they want to let out their house. It is their right. Honestly, vegetarians can not stand the unpleasant smell of non veg cooking. That is the main reason for not letting house to nonvegetarians. And some people do not want nonveg items to be cooked in the house based on their religious belief. It is not discriminatory. It i is their right.

      1. Hi Madam,

        Thanks for your reply.

        You see… its not only the vegetarians who abhor bad smells of cooking non veg . Its highly skewed and flimsy to say that.
        Now this shows abject differences and separations.

        Further any healthy, normal human will abhor any bad smell.

        Meat, fish eggs and milk come from suffering animals. Their lives are snuffed out for human selfishness. Its dirty, right… besides being inethical!!

        Further, if you argue only as and for vegetarians, there is something else hiding behind that argument.
        Like you should be knowing about being vegan… People who respect animals, nature, and human lives…to say an absolute No TO any animal food. I am one of those who doesn’t use or consume, meats of any kinds, milk and eggs. I wear no leather, do not like silks and hate gold and diamond jewels… as human exploitations is involved.

        I understand that unspoken argument behind your explanation.

        But I have been in Mylapore ever since I came here as a teenager from North India. So , I will continue seeking what I want ,where I want. Its my right as well.

        Thanks for reading…

        Editorji can edit or delete the truth!!

  2. Is there a support service for vegans and others with shifting needs?

    Why so many “veg only ads”. These chaps helped by all kinds of brokers veg, non veg and starving!!

    No one for the Others category!!

    Pleas be is changing!!

    1. hi, why keep arguing on a choice made by owners that they prefer vegetarians and it is their hard earned property which they would let out to any one they prefer and choose, you want to change the world its simply not possible, simply move on, no one asked you to be a vegan, its simply by your choice, so the rest too should be allowed not to prefer non vegeterians!

  3. I felt like rent in Mylapore is so high now even though it’s small house they are targeting 10000 pm.but less salaried people how they will afford for it. so I request house owners can reduce their rent

  4. Halo Madam,

    The owners in these areas are very cautious when it comes to letting their property out for rent. They have all the rights to specify the parameters w.r.t their targeted customer. I have had a pretty decent experience with mylapore times ads.

    Your mentioning of casteistic, greedy and all is not right and that’s not true.

    I would request you to browse other property websites like for your requirement.

  5. Sorry,

    But my home search continues despite these ads.
    But discrimination lies between lines.
    Pure Veg is not pure veg.. If I say I am vegan, any true pure vegetarian will open the doors.
    But say vegan, they keep saying they want pure veg..
    Slowly I understood, they mean that superior, high caste.
    So the pure veg clause is just a blanket term!
    Means I cannot call, enquire, or even mention am Christian with cats as family.

    Second, rents are extremely high!
    Guess what, its the doing of brokers. Owner would say Xamount
    Brokers would say , nay make it x+5ton15 Thousand.
    So something worth just x , perhaps reasonable to many who suffered joblessness, retrenchment, but having valid reasons to move, will be available for x+more! Some of these greed based rented houses remain vacant for long!
    So those in need not helped, house also remains vacant!!

    Mylapore times seem to encourgae pleasant talkers. One blanket term for casteistic, greedy people!

    Slowly feeling am not looking a reliable newspaper!

    Have anyways felt silenced and now reduced my visits or comments!

    Hope you try weeding off these elements and make it a magazine which supports inclusiveness!

Comments are closed.