Elections 2021: Most public areas deserted while activity at poll booths high till noon

And so, while people across the Mylapore zone have been busy casting their ballots at booths and the mid day heat is rising, what did Mylapore look like in its public spaces?

Mylapore Times photographer Madhan Kumar moved away from the booths to look around.

Sri Kapali Temple was almost without people, save of the odd person around at about 11;30 am.  But the 1008 sanghu abhishekam went on in a corner, in keeping with the schedule and ritual. The few people present had a grand sight to behold in quiet.

Outside, save for a few hawkers South Mada Street was deserted; the hawkers huddled under colourful umbrellas.

Luz junction was also bereft of vehicular movement though some people were seen seated at MTC bus stops.

The  MTC terminus in Mandaveli was deserted save for some staff on duty and the roads like in San Thome, Pattinapakkam and Dr. R. K Salai, which even at noontime are abuzz were deserted, the noontime heat growing.

But people crowded at booths that serve congested areas.

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