Maid Maya delighted at free travel on MTC buses

Maya takes a bus every morning and makes a long trip from a colony off the Rajiv Gandhi Salai in OMR, the IT hub  to Mylapore to perform household chores at Srikanth Srinivasan’s house on V. M. Street.
That one way trip takes at least 45 minutes.
She has been working in the Srikanths’ house for a decade. This morning Srikanth found a big smile on her face when she came to work.
He found that the free bus ride to be the reason for her happiness
India Head of Assurant Inc and a long time resident of Mylapore, Srikanth says that the free bus ride has gone down well with people like Maya who says,”The cost of essentials has gone up. And it costs a lot to travel within the city by bus.”
She told his wife, Meera Srikanth  that those having to travel using multiple routes need not think twice about travelling now. This savings in cost will help them spend more on other essentials. Maya is also happy with the reduction in price of milk as well as the money handed out for the ration card holder.
Meera says  that those coming from afar to Mylapore where they once resided  will find the free bus fare very beneficial.
Report by S. Prabhu
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