Helping a family with two girls who suffer from muscular dystrophy . . .

These are times when SOS calls come from unexpected quarters. And sometimes, answering them is a challenge.

Praveen heads the St. Vincent de Paul Society unit of the saint Lazarus church in R. A. Puram.  Recently,  he too got a SOS call – from a family which is a member of this church.

The two grown-up girls of this family needed help. They suffer from muscular dystrophy and the pandemic situation did not help them get a maid to come to their help. Their mother was ill and weak too.

So Parveen called up all his contacts in the church community and around and recently engaged a maid for this family.

“We are aware of the girls’ problems but didn’t realise how severe it has been during these times,” said this social worker.

The maid has to be paid and Praveen now has to rustle up donations for this purpose. “These are hard times so seeking funds is a tall task, ” he says.

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