Say Congrats to Deepa. The Covid care worker of a kuppam zone who has been praised for her efforts.

When Chennai Corporation was seeking dozens of contract workers to support its local campaigns when the pandemic broke out in early 2020, Deepa from Srnivasapuram, a seaside colony off Pattinapakkam signed up.

This HR-trained grad who had given up a challenging job to take care of her two young children wanted to earn and the trying times were pushing the family to the edge, at times.

Deepa’s job was to track people showing virus symptoms, isolate them, get tests and treatment rolled out – she toiled all through 2020 and her contract was closed late last year .

But when. the second wave of the virus hit people in March this year, Deepa was back as a contracted Covid care worker.

For her sustained field work and some significant achievements, Deepa was recognised by local  officials of GCC this week. They presented her with a special T-shirt. Present at this meet, was the area engineer and sanitary inspector who felicitated her.

This past week, Deepa and her team had managed to get 50 people to take the jab in Srinivasapuram, a commendable effort in a colon y where people simply refused to be vaccinated.

Deepa says she and her team that surveys Ward 173 ( R A Puram – KVB Gardens – MRC Nagar – Srinivasapuram) have been persistent in locating people with symptoms and getting them quarantined and treated as early as possible.

It is not an easy job. Not in the 39 degrees heat of May, when you are out in the filed from 8 am to noontime.

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