When firemen responded to a call to retrieve adventurous kitten . . .

Would you expect the Fire Services to respond to a SOS call when a cat is in trouble?

Well, last week the Fire Services not only responded to such a call from the San Thome zone but also did its bit to reach out to an adventurous kitten.

Two women who reside near a small mosque off Papanasam Sivan Salai have been caring for street-side cats for some time now. One recent late evening, they noticed that one kitten had climbed up an avenue tree and then started to meow continuously and these were cries for help. For, the kitten could not make its way down.

Since it seemed trapped high up on a branch, local people called the Fire Services for help and its team responded and arrived at the spot past 7 p.m., used their ladder to climb up close to the tree but failed – the kitten had moved on to what was a rather weak branch that the firemen could not negotiate.

They left the place, promising to get back in the morning. By then, the kitten had made its way to safe ground.

  • Report by Malathi Xavier

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