Pelathope community chats with MLA, presents worrying issues

The residents of Vedanta Desikar Swami Street, also known as Pelathope Street, Mylapore recently had a chat with the Mylapore MLA, Dha. Velu to present problems that affect their lives.

Topping their worry list is a problem that has bugged some 20 of the 50-odd families who reside in the quiet colony, known in social history records for being the home to some great advocates – the free flow of drinking water from Metrowater.

The tail-end houses have not received water for over a decade and if residents are to be believed ‘pakalam’ has been the oft-used word by Metrowater engineers.

The MLA has now managed to get Metrowater to arrange for water to flow into the hand pumps in all the affected houses and hopes to see some more improvement further on this issue.

Residents also want the MLA to address the problem of commuters on the MRTS and shop keepers in this area parking their bikes in the narrow street, thus posing headaches to residents here who need to drive in or out.