Re-development of Sri Kapali Temple property: officer says plans will not be changed

There will not be any re-think on the plans made by the HR&CE Department for the re-development of the temple property that lies alongside the Sri Kapali Temple.

This has been confirmed by temple’s executive officer D. Kaveri.

Many temple-goers and Mylaporeans have expressed their reservations on this plan.

The officer said  that over 95% of the residents on Kumaraguru Street ( adjoining the temple) were former employees who had retired long ago.

“The next generation of these former staffers are in corporate employment and earning well. We had provided them quarters during the period of their employment at nominal rent. Now it’s time for us to provide quarters to the current employees of the temple.”

She said that they will all have to vacate their houses now.

Outlining the plans for the redevelopment, she said that the master plan is currently on a Powerpoint presentation and has not yet been detailed.

She said that the broad plan is to have a parking facility in the basement and a mini kalyana mandapam on the first floor. The proposed complex will also house a cloak room, toilets and bath facilities and quarters for the current temple staffers.

On the issue of developing the P S School ground, Kaveri said that the rent for the ground has been pending for a long time and the discussion last week was to recover the rent from the school. She said that the HR & CE minister has plans to revive the sporting activity at the ground.

On the issue of restoring the temple tank, she said that a team from Anna University is currently undertaking soil tests. Based on the results of the test, they will decide on the specific plan of action to ensure that water stays in the tank after this year’s monsoon rains.

  • Report by S. Prabhu

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