Saris offered at temple given free to poor women

This was a surprise for poor women – to get a new sari for free from the hands of the Mylapore MLA.

Recently, the managers of Sri Mundagakanni Amman Temple in Mylapore decided not to auction the saris that devotees offer at the temple. They chose to give them free to the poor women of this area.

The beneficiaries were chosen and they were given the saris outside the temple by the MLA, Dha Velu – a gesture of the temple well appreciated.

One Comment on “Saris offered at temple given free to poor women”

  1. It is really a good gesture by temple authorities. Even devotees who offered the saris should be happy that the saris went to the deserving people. Hope other temples too follow the same. I have see. Sari auction in Sri Kapaleeswaran temple which can also do the same. Efforts of mylapore MLA should be lauded

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