Gayathri has transplanted ‘my Mylapore’ in her kolu in Kovai

Many people have taken a piece of Mylapore with them as they move on. So did Gayathri Balasubramanian.

This Navaratri she found a place for her Mylapore at her kolu at her Coimbatore residence.

The Mandaveli resident just couldn’t be parted with ‘her Mylapore’.

So what did she do?

She made simple models of her favourite shops and joints around Sri Kapali Temple zone and incorporated them into her kolu.

Amutham Fancy store on South Mada Street, Srividya Manjal Kumkumam on North Mada Street, Karpagambal Mess on East Mada.

Add to that display all this – a newspaper shop, a poo kadai and a  elaneer kadai besides a panchu mittai hawker seen during the temple’s annual Panguni festival are now part of Gayathri’s kolu in Kovai, far away from her Mylapore.

She says she wanted to feature Giri Trading and Kalathi Rosemilk but it was beyond her.

Says Gayathri, ” I did this to cherish my memories back there. It feels as if i took a piece of Mylapore with me.”


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