New joint adds to many seafood restaurants on Marina fronting road

The seafood zone along Marina Loop Rpad south end continues to hot up as monsoon season approaches.

This week, a new joint is opening here – Chennai Mess is the name. And the add line says – Meenava Pengal Unavagam.

Now, these joints that serve freshly caught seafood of the seafood are not more shabby holes in the walls in houses obviously built on sandy land hugging the road.

They are now colourfullt painted with visuals on them; there are air conditioned sections for those who get hot under the collar while feasting on spicy prawns fry; and even the cutlery is smart.

The new joint already looks colourful even as workers fix the plumbing, the lighting and the furniture.

They said the joint will have an opening on Wednesday.  If it serves good food, the competition around will hot up.

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