Monsoon: some families in Alwarpet move out to relatives’ houses, hotels

When the rainwater entered their apartment complex located off TTK Road on Sunday and began to threaten ground floor residents, the memories of the 2015 deluge began to hang over many residents.

Many began to arrange for alternate accommodation – even those who stay on the top floors here. They did not want to be left marooned in the waters rose and rose over the days.

Some have already moved into a hotel closeby while a few have shifted to homes of their relatives.

“When I had to walk to the gate to take a car I had to wade through high water levels,” said one woman here who has moved to Anna Nagar.

Elsewhere, on C V Raman Road ( west side) where drains had been constructed recently, the drain could not handle the constant rainfall; obviously, the whole local drain system either had blocks or gradients were uneven or the flow to the local canals were blocked.

  • Photo used here is of Dr Ranga Street shot on Sunday.
  • Video here is of the state of Bharathidasan Road on Wednesday morning

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