Pot-holed streets show up in monsoon. Call 1913 to complain.

Two incidents in the city which left two people dead highlights the dangers monsoon time poses to people.  A IT professional lost is life when his bike, trying to avoid a large pothole near Little Mount fell down and was run over by a MTC bus.  At the Secretariat in Fort George, a crashing tree killed a policewoman.

There are a few streets / roads in Mylapore zone which are pot-holed or dug-up and not relaid which can pose dangers to motorists, especially in the dark.

This morning we spotted two messy zones – Luz Avenue 1st Street was dug up to lay Metrowater pipes but though the work was over many weeks ago, the street is now a long stretch of mud, craters and water pools.

On St. Mary’s Road, at the VC Gardens colony junction, the road looks like a Martian surface, riddled with potholes, now filled with rainwater. ( seen in this photo)

There are a string of deep pot-holes alongside the pavement of R K Mutt Road opposite Rani Meyyammai Girls School, posing dangers to motorists rushing home at night.

GCC has advised its local units to standby to address issues like potholes and trees that are weak or leaning dangerously.

You can call GCC at 1913 to lodge complaints.

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