Rs.400 for this elai sappadu at sabha canteen. And it is crowded even on weekdays.

The meal costs Rs.400. Elai sappadu. With 20 items on the menu. And ‘repeat’ requests accepted gladly.

And to tuck in at lunch time, people are packing into the canteen that Sastha Catering is managing in the campus of Mylapore Fine Arts Club (MFAC) sabha campus in Mylapore’s Musiri Subramaniam Road.

 The seats get filled up even on weekdays. Obviously, sabha canteen food is drawing in the city’s foodies in large numbers.

“People want to come out now”, says R. K. Venkatesan, Sastha’s proprietor. “Last year, when we ran the canteen here, most orders were parcels. This season, 80% of revenues have come from dine-in.”

 Sastha’s breakfast and tiffin menu list is long as is its daily  menu card – it changes every day. The canteen is open through the day.

 “It is our quality that brings people,” says Venkatesan. “The sambhar powder, the chutneys, the vadais are done that hour, not stocked. And when people ask for paruppu usuli again and again, we serve it.”

 TIP: to eat in peace at this canteen, be there at 11.30 am on weekdays and 11 am on Sundays.

 On January 1 and 2, 2022, the sappadu is billed to be extra special – Malabar Aviyal, Iyengar Puliodharai, Andhra paruppu podi and cashew cake being part of this menu. Rs.500 per head.

 Sastha also undertakes parcels; service by Dunzo and Swiggy provided. Call 8925361555.

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