Street and road name-boards bear new images now

Did you notice the newly-designed visuals for street and road name boards in Mylapore?

They have come up over the last week.

Besides the street / road name, these boards feature images of prominent landmarks of the zone – Vivekananda Ilam, Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple, San Thome Cathedral and Bharathiar Illam.

  • Report by S. Prabhu




One Comment on “Street and road name-boards bear new images now”

  1. Do we need this extra expense. Earlier it was enamel board 50 years back. Even now some are there. Then came cement boards fixed to walls. Then came concrete yellow boars. A couple of years ago similar boards. Now this. Why we change the boards every few years. I seen foreign countries both pillars and street boards don’t get changed for decades and look always clean and new.
    I feel Chennai corporation should go for original enamel metal boards lasting long. Same with the case of side walk crbstones. They change often. This amount can be used for better roads or rain water drains.

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