This summer, keep a bowl of water outside for street dogs, animals and crows

People who love animals are taking a simple step this summer. They are putting out bowls that hold water for the dogs, cats and crows to quench their thirst.

One such activist is Vijayalakshmi of Mandaveli, who is a popular craftsperson.

She has sourced a few water bowls from Blue Cross and has placed them in five spots in the Mandaveli – Mylapore area. One spot is near the parking lot of Thirumylai MRTS station. She says there are many street dogs in that zone. After she kept the bowl not just the dogs but even goats that roam by head here to drink the water.

But Vijayalakshmi says she will be happy if people who live close to this place can refill the bowl at least once a day before noontime.

She also says she can help people who want such water bowls which she sources from Blue Cross. Each bowl costs about Rs.130 and holds about 7 litres of water.

You may call her at 9841979307

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