Walking inside Tholkappia Poonga: people suggest reduction in monthly charges

A few Mylapore zone residents are suggesting to Chennai Rivers Restoration Trust ( CRRT) that it can reduce the charges fixed to get paid passes to walk inside the Tholkappia Poonga ( Adyar Poonga) in R. A. Puram.

They say that since many walkers are seniors with limited income and since this is a state-managed space, the Trust can lower the rates for the monthly passes.

Says Rekha Suresh Kumar,  “We welcome the facility to walk in the Poonga but the charges are too much, especially for senior citizens, subsisting on pensions. After all, walkers are mostly senior citizens!”

Added Sriram Santhanam, ” The Poonga management can consider reducing the entry fees for regular walkers.”

Since the Poonga was open for walking for limited hours, in the morning and evening in mid-May, people are walking in as casual walkers and the people seeking passes is picking up but slowly.

Read here a previous report on the  launch of walking in the Poonga and how you can get a pass.

  • Photos used here were shot by Gayathree Krishna when she went on a walk recently.

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